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This Is the Key to Settling Money Disputes in a Marriage

Liz Smith | JAN 18, 2018

You may have agreed to love each other for richer or for poorer, but that doesn’t mean you agree on every financial decision. 

In fact, new research from TD Bank found that one-third of married couples argue about money at least once a month. But no matter how heated your disputes may get, there is a way to settle them. 

3 of the Most Common Marital Money Disputes

1. Differing spending habits – Arguments often stem from purchases one spouse chooses to make. The other spouse usually finds the purchases too expensive and frivolous or too cheap and therefore not valuable. 

2. Unequal contributions – It’s nearly impossible for two spouses to earn the same income and tackle exactly half of the relationship duties. As a result, many married people harbor feelings of competition and resentment. 

3. Lingering debt – From school loans to credit cards, it’s easy for a modern man or woman to rack up debt. One partner may feel like the debt is holding the whole marriage back. 

The Simple Solution to Marital Money Disputes

As with most couple troubles, inadequate communication is often the underlying factor in financial arguments. Unfortunately, talking openly with your spouse one-on-one can be intimidating. Luckily, there are third party professionals that can help. 

Seeking assistance from a financial advisor will ensure you and your spouse get through difficult situations with solutions in mind and marriage rings in tact. 

In addition to acting as a mediator when you have different priorities or perspectives, a financial advisor will add their own expertise to the conversation. They can help you set mutual, realistic fiscal goals with your spouse, then design strategies to help you reach them together. 

Chances are, there are several highly-qualified financial advisors in your town. However, it can seem daunting to choose one. 

This new tool makes it easy to find the right financial advisor for you. Now you can get matched with up to three local fiduciary investment advisors that have passed a rigorous screening process.

Follow These Steps to Get Matched With the Right Advisor for You

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